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Yeti Bikes | Buyers Guide

Yeti Bikes 2018


yeti mountain bike sb

Welcome to an up close and personal look at the current Yeti Bike range 2018. By delving into the gritty details, we will reveal what makes them the ultimate performance mountain bike. The wide range of models means that whatever your poison, be it hardcore enduro trails or cross-country racing Yeti has something special to offer you.

From their inception in 1985 Yeti have worked tirelessly to develop an elite range of bikes and with some of the world’s best MTB athletes, including Richie Rude, claiming podiums year after year on Yeti Cycles it’s no wonder they are the go to choice for anyone wanting to take their biking experience to the next level.

yeti bike frame

What is the Key technology behind the latest models?

Whilst many aspects of a Yeti Bike make it unique its stand out features which can be found across the range are its super-light carbon frame and its patented suspension design, the switch infinity system.

The Super-light Carbon Frame

Each Yeti frame is manufactured with the highest quality and best performing carbon fibre layup and are available in two formats, the C-Series and the T- Series. See below for all the details.



comparison between yeti t-series frame and c-series frame


Yeti Switch Infinity System 

How does it work yeti switch infinity system  How it improves the ride

The current line up of Yeti Bikes all carry the Yeti switch infinity system, which is a patented design that has been developed in conjunction with Fox suspension. It works by continually counterbalancing the squat position (through it's sliding rails), which in turn creates a bike that is optimised for climbing and stabilises the suspension during descents. To dig deeper into fully understanding the bike kinematics behind the design, you can always checkout the Bike Mag interview with yeti cycles

However, the bottom line is quite simple - it creates an extremely fast bike that eats the hills, descends like a God and corners like its on rails!


Yeti Bikes 2018: Range overview

So when you first look at the range it's easy to get lost in understanding what the key differences are between the latest Yeti mountain bikes. That's why we've put together a couple of infographics. The first infographic shows the wheel size and front suspension found on the different models, while the second graphic highlights the type and style of riding best suited to each model.


Yeti Cycles 2018: Differences in wheel size & front suspension.

yeti mountain bikes 2018

Yeti Mountain Bikes: Differences in wheel size and front suspension 

What Yeti Bike is best suited to my riding style? 

Which Yeti is best for me? 


Decisions, Decisions... 

Hopefully you will now have a good idea which bikes within the range is going to suit you best. The next step is to take a look at the models below and decide which variant of the model will work best for you. Within the range you will find comparison charts between the C & the T-Series and we also offer full Yeti custom builds if that is something you want to explore.

The shop owner (Paul) currently rides the Yeti SB6 and all the staff have spent time riding the Yeti Cycles, so we can offer advice from first hand experience. So, if you have any questions or queries please give us a call or email us and we can chat through some options for you.  

Browse the Range

While you can view the full range of Yeti Bikes, you can also view the individual models by selecting from the icons below.

yeti-sb45.jpg   yeti-sb100-range.jpg   yeti-sb5.jpg   yeti-sb55.jpg   yeti-sb5-plus.jpg   yeti-sb6.jpg


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