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Ragley Bikes 2018 | Buyers Guide


Welcome to a detailed look into the current Ragley Range for 2018. By diving deep into the details, we will reveal what makes them epic trail centre blasters! The wide range of models within the current line-up means that whatever your style is, you’re certain to find a bike that suits your riding.

Designed and tested in Britain since 2008, Ragley have made bikes for the modern rider who demands quality, reliability and solid performance without any fuss. Ragley Bikes come as full bikes or as a frame only option, the latter making it possible to make a totally bespoke bike just for you! If this is of interest to you, head over to our Custom Builds page to look at the possibilities of creating your own personalised bike.

What is the Key technology behind the latest models?

Whilst many aspects of a Ragley Bike make each model unique, there are several features which can be found across the range whether that may be the modern geometry or the 5 Year Warranty and lifetime crash replacement.

Modern Geometry

No matter whether you plan on tearing up your local trails, to out and out back country adventures, or smashing down Alpine singletrack; the Ragley Geometry makes you feel right at home. Geometry is taken incredibly serious at Ragley due to the overall impact on how it effects the bikes ride. Ragley’s are designed to run short stems with a long top tube to give fine control and stability at high and low speed, especially over rough and technical terrain. The low bottom bracket and short chain stay maximise manoeuvrability, cornering, traction and playfulness while the steep seat angle puts the rider central on the bike ensuring climbing prowess.

The result: A long, low, slack and planted feeling bike with excellent grip, impeccable handling and stability which inspires confidence at high speeds over steep and technical terrain.

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