Yeti SB165 C-Series 2020 - Just Left

Yeti SB165 C-Series 2020 - Just Left

Posted by Paul Hoyle on 21st Aug 2019

The first Yeti bikes are now arriving for 2020, this Yeti SB165 in full stealth mode has just rolled out the door.

Yeti SB165 C-Series GX Raw 2020

The SB165 is a bike created to get after whatever you're getting after. The slackest sled in the Yeti lineup, with the most travel, Coil-shock only. For the steepest, the angriest and the most vengeful. Wherever you're going, it already has you covered. At home outside the tape, beyond the norm. Taken on the trails nobody talks about. Trusted on the lines where mistakes can't happen. Comfortable with all the chaos. Please when you're puckered. Fearless of your fear.

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