The New Whyte E-160 Electric MTB Range

Posted by Paul Hoyle on 1st Jul 2022

The designers and engineers at Whyte have advanced the evolution of full suspension mountain bikes again with a confidence inspiring e-bike; the Whyte e-160.

The e-160 has been engineered around the central philosophy; that a lowered centre of gravity delivers exceptional cornering agility and confident handling on any terrain. Their unique lowered centre of gravity concept optimises the distribution of battery and motor mass within the chassis so you can experience uncompromised flow on the trails.

The big talking point for the new range is a newly designed down tube carrying a Bosch 750Wh battery and an oversized headtube combine to create a stiff but responsive frame that delivers excellent cornering precision and high levels of feedback.

The 750Wh PowerTube is Bosch’s highest capacity e-Bike battery and forms part of the Bosch CX Smart System, the other elements are:

•Bosch Performance Line CX (25km/h) 85Nm drive unit-an ultra-responsive high torque motor with speed sensors that allow it to apply power in line with cadence changes to provide progressive pedal assistance

•An LED remote sits on the bars and brings information and control to your fingertips 

•The eBike Flow App allows you to lock the motor with your phone for added security, start-up and tune the performance parameters of the motor via Bluetooth and map rides, performance and energy consumption

The Whyte ‘Total Geometry’ system ensures every dimension is carefully combined to keep rider and bike in perfect harmony. For the e-160 a low centre of gravity coupled with generous reach, reassuring head angle and short offset forks give the rider the most confidence inspiring and agile e-Bike they have ever made.

The Whyte tuned suspension has been meticulously modified and race tested, to deliver the highest level of support and grip right out of the box. Top that off with a Bosch 85Nm motor and huge 750Wh battery and you have the perfect formula for epic rides.The e-160 has three spec levels –S, RS and RSX. The range is available in sizes from XS through to XL (model dependent), three wheel configurations –27.5”, 29” and MX and six colours all ensuring riders can find their perfect ride.

Sam Shucksmith, current and two-time British Enduro Series Champion and designer at Whyte Bikes has channelled his 15 years of racing experience into the design of the e-160. Sam says:

"The frame has been developed from the ground up to fit around the new Bosch 750Wh battery which sits super low in the bike, that makes the handling really agile. We've got a new down tube thatfits the new rail system that allows super easy installation and removal of the battery. Combined with our oversized head tube this makes a really stiff and strong frame that inspires confidence. You can just push as hard as you want because you know the bike's got you."

Check out the full range of the new Whyte E-160 which is available from MTB Monster here.