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The All New Yeti SB165 for 2020

The All New Yeti SB165 for 2020

Posted by Paul Hoyle on 16th Jul 2019

Master of the Gnariverse. Bold claim for some. Fact-checked humility for the SB165. A bike created to get after whatever you're getting after. The slackest sled in our lineup. With the most travel. Coil-shock only. For the steepest. The angriest. And the most vengeful. Wherever you're going, it already has you covered. At home outside the tape, beyond the norm. Taken on the trails nobody talks about. Trusted on the lines where mistakes can't happen. Comfortable with all the chaos. Please when you're puckered. Fearless of your fear.

View the new Yeti SB165 on our website  here.

Yeti SB165




At the heart of the SB165 suspension design is our patented Switch Infinity suspension system.

   Yeti Switch Infinity
Yeti SB165 Frame   02


Tuned to rip on the gnarliest trails outside the tape, with kinematics specific for a coil or high-volume air shock. At home outside the tape, the SB165 is tuned for a coil or high-volume air shock. At 27.5% progression, this is the most progressive bike in our line. That translates into great small bump sensitivity on the front end and a bottomless feel when you're sending it deep.



Everyone knows the rowdiest trails are outside the tape. So, we built it tough to handle tosses and nasty tech. The SB165 is built tough. The frame meets Yeti DH testing standards, well beyond what others do for a 165mm trail bike. This thing will last for a lifetime, but we gave you a warranty to match just for good measure.

   Yeti SB165 Frame
 Yeti SB165 Geometry    04


The SB165 is designed to handle the steeps, so we made it low, long, and slack. The SB165 is designed to handle the steeps, so we made it low, long, and slack. With a 77 degree seat tube angle and 63.5 degree head tube angle, the progressive geometery putting you in an optimal riding position through the chunder.



Equipped with ISCG 05 mounts, the SB165 is Chain Guide ready out of the box. So you can avoid dropped chains and keep it all together in rough terrain. 

   Yeti SB165 Chain Guide
 Yeti SB165 Internal Routing    06


Internally tunneled cable routing allows for clean lines and a quiet, rattle-free ride.



An integrated headset allows for a lower overall stack height and cleaner carbon layup.

   Yeti SB165 Integrated Headset

Yeti SB165 2020


Yeti SB165 2020 Range Guide and Build Spec Information




Switch Infinity utilizes a patented translating pivot that switches direction as the bike moves through its travel. This provides a tailored anti-squat curve while allowing the leverage ratio to be tuned independently, something other systems can’t physically achieve.

Yeti Switch Infinity

Yeti SB165 Switch Infinity



Our linear system built by FOX is able to achieve infinite tunability and durability, which cannot be matched by traditional link designs.


Better “decoupling” of the chain forces allows the suspension to work more efficiently to absorb impacts.



The ability to manipulate the leverage ratio without affecting the anti-squat characteristics is unique to Switch Infinity suspension.

Yeti Cycles: The SB165 Already Knows. from Yeti Cycles on Vimeo.

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Check out the brand new Yeti SB165 Range on our website here.

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