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Mondraker Crafty Carbon 2020

Mondraker Crafty Carbon 2020

Posted by Paul Hoyle on 25th Nov 2019



Mondraker Crafty Carbon RR SL 2020

Without compromises, the new Crafty Carbon is a pure performance model, an authentic Enduro bike; With great suspension capability and amazing pedaling efficiency ... agile like no other 29” e-MTB thanks to its renewed Forward Geometry and, of course, its little more than 19kg, all sweetened with raw power of the fourth generation of the Bosch system. Enjoy the real life.

The evolution of mountain bikes is relentless and unstoppable. We can consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to enjoy this historical era with so many technological innovations in all areas and disciplines in Mountain Biking. Among them, electric motor-assisted mountain bikes arrived timidly and immediately they have established themselves as the favourite models for a growing vast majority of riders. At Mondraker we were already ahead of the curve of this new reality, ahead of this irresistibly fun new pedal-assisted Mountain Bike, and thus we have been manufacturing and creating some of the most groundbreaking and cutting-edge e-MTBs in the market for more than 5 years now. 5 years drawing smiles, riding even further and exponentially multiplying the enjoyment for the growing family of proud owners of a Mondraker e-MTB. Although, for many, Mountain Biking has finally made real sense, getting here has not been an easy task. Market is constantly evolving. Geometries, suspension systems, as well as designing and manufacturing current e-MTB framesets must have been conceived exclusively for the discipline and unique features of these bicycles. At Mondraker it’s been like starting from scratch, wipe the slate clean, we have turned the house upside down and in 2020 we have reinvented the e-MTB category.


What Summum Carbon represents in the world of Downhill Racing, what F-Podium means in the XCO full suspension bike segment, the versatility of Foxy Carbon - if we had to choose the most full-blown and well rounded bike in the Mondraker catalog- as the most balanced model with the best overall performance is what our new Crafty Carbon is to the e-MTB: The perfect symbiosis among all Mountain Biking categories, the name of our new electric mountain bike icon; the total e-MTB. With the Crafty Carbon we wanted to equal the feelings that our muscular Enduro bikes offer, distinguished by great manoeuvrability thanks to a record lightweight, low center of gravity and geometry closest to a muscular bike with regards to most electric bikes in the market. All of this without sacrificing engine power or battery range.


What characteristics should Crafty Carbon need to become the new benchmark? Perhaps, simply, unmistakeable and unmatched aesthetics? Featuring the lightest state-of-the-art carbon frameset in its category? Evolved and dedicated 29” Forward Geometry? Redesigned and opti - mized e-MTB specific Zero Suspension System kinematics with 150 mm rear suspension? If we add 160 mm travel forks, the new Crafty Carbon would become the most outstanding Enduro model… And how would the latest generation Bosch Performance CX engine with integrated 625 Wh battery fit? And if to all this wish list we would ask a total bike weight under 20 kilograms... Voila! Wishes fulfilled. Crafty Carbon is the representation of the high-performance e-MTB. The only model with a handcrafted Stealth Air Carbon sleek frame that is a true work of art. The only model with original 29” dedicated Forward Ge - ometry by Mondraker. The only model with e-MTB optimized Zero Sus - pension System kinematics. The most technologically advanced, most balanced, most complete and best performing electric Mountain Bike at the moment. And all of this, featuring the lightest weight.

Mondraker Crafty Carbon 2020
Mondraker Crafty Carbon 2020


Stealth Air Carbon is our most refined and lightest carbon fiber manufac - turing process at Mondraker featured on the best and most sophisticated models in our collection. Our extensive experience as carbon framesets manufacturers in categories ranging from DH to XCO, backed by the rac - ing success we have achieved in the last few years, has allowed us to de - velop a unique frame following the particular construction needs that a high-end e-MTB requires. The power of the engine and the overall weight of the system make the manufacturing construction totally different from a muscular bike frame. Optimizing its weight and providing the required stiffness without sacrificing riding precision has led us to reach manufac - turing levels we had never imagined before. Stealth Air Carbon starts from the best selection of high modulus fibers and the elaboration of a thorough and complex layup seeking to achieve the lightest possible weight without compromising reliability or its op - timum stiffness. In the case of an electric bicycle and according to its special attributes, its innovative organic industrial design language in - troduces fluid lines and very soft edges: a cutting-edge finish and very refined aesthetics that makes the new Crafty Carbon a true iconic e-MTB. Its slender and, at the same time, mighty profile plays a key role in its signature “Mondraker look” so highly stylish that make Crafty Carbon a unique model. Crafty Carbon RR SL, RR and R framesets share the same Stealth Air Car - bon manufacturing process and features. All of them with the most ex - clusive construction, the selection of high modulus carbon fibers and the most careful lay-up molding process that make Crafty Carbon the most complete, most special and exclusive e-MTB at the moment.


Mondraker’s Forward Geometry has proven to be the pioneer geometry benchmark for high-end performance mountain bike nowadays and, year after year, is one of our leading exclusive and distinctive technologies. Forward Geometry main advantages are a greater confidence and overall better control when dealing with any technical situation both climbing and going downhill, as well as a more fun ride, better handling and a more stable bike riding at high speed; features that distinguish any of our Forward models. For 2020 we have made the leap to 29” for Crafty models and have refined - even furthermore - our exclusive Forward geometries throughout the collection. Crafty Carbon benefits from our 8 seasons of Forward Geometry expertise and specially, being an e-MTB model, features the best overall geometry we have ever designed for a e-MTB to date: a steep 76° seat tube angle which ensures an ideal riding position for pedalling steep inclines, an optimized chainstay length of 455 mm perfectly balanced to offer maximum traction uphill and playful handling going down, with its characteristic and distinctive long Reach and Front Center our bicycles are known of, as well as a 65.5° headtube angle combined with 160 mm travel FOX forks with short offsets. Short 44 mm fork offsets have their greatest and superior benefits in combination with our genuine and distinctive Forward Geometry concept and its super-responsive direct steering combined with our proprietary FG30 mm stem and long Reach. Short offsets imply longer ”Trail” measurement, improving riding stability and translating into a more playful ride, greater confidence and added grip of the front tire in the corners as a bonus and a more enjoyable and faster ride overall. Crafty Carbon benefits from the great performance of the leading Forward Geometry concept which offers improved control, excellent manoeuvrability, great stability and confidence boost at any riding circumstances, riding up or down, on all type of terrains

Mondraker Crafty Carbon 2020

Mondraker Crafty Carbon 2020


Zero is our proprietary and flagship virtual pivot rear suspension system engineered by two links that compress and control the shock movement from both ends featured on all Mondraker full suspension models. Crafty Carbon – as well as the entire e-MTB Mondraker range on this 2020 sea - son – introduces new redesigned kinematics, specifically designed ac - cording to the needs and rigors of an e-MTB. The three Crafty Carbon RR SL, RR and R models feature FOX DPS metric Trunnion shocks, with internal “custom” configuration and exclusive set - tings specifically developed for this e-MTB Zero suspension system kin - ematic optimization and its 150 mm rear wheel rear travel. This new approach and e-MTB dedicated Zero suspension layout stands out for a very supple beginning stroke rear suspension performance, more capable and more progressiveness overall, allowing you to take full advantage of the raw performance of our exclusive e-BIKE Optimized Zero Kinematics suspension system.


The new Performance Line CX Generation 4 engine from the prestigious German manufacturer Bosch is the perfect match to our Crafty Carbon. Completely redesigned, with lower internal drag that increase battery life by up to 18%, lower pedaling resistance over 25 kms/h – 16 mph, with a more efficient, powerful (75 Nm) and progressive response, weighing only 2.9 kg (25% lighter compared to its predecessor) and 48% smaller, the new Bosch engine benchmark is capable of a maximum pedaling output of 340% in its 4 ECO, TOUR, EMTB assistance modes and TURBO. Highly remarkable is the great improvement made by Bosch especial - ly for the EMTB mode, with a more precise and progressive response where the engine automatically adapts to your riding style by offering increased assistance from TOUR to TURBO depending on your pedal pres - sure when riding.


Crafty Carbon equip the new Powertube 625 Wh integrated battery that offers 25% greater range compared to 500 Wh. Crafty Carbon frame fea - tures an integrated internal non-removable battery design which can be charged connecting the charger directly to the battery port at the bottom of the main tube. Crafty RR SL is also available with Powertube 500 Wh battery option, for those looking for the lightest weight prioritizing per - formance over extended range.

Mondraker Crafty Carbon 2020

Mondraker Crafty Carbon 2020 Mondraker Crafty Carbon 2020


Crafty Carbon features an innovative cooling system that allows channelled air flow through the inside of the main tube. This air circulation has its origin in its integrated cooling gills near the head tube, allowing the air flow through the internal structure in order to help dissipate the heat generated by the Bosch battery in order to improve its performance. Air is expelled through an exit port at the opposite end of the battery, just above the bottom of the main tube


Crafty Carbon benefits from our HHG technology with internal guide for the derailleur cable, rear brake, as well as the internal dropper post b oth on Crafty Carbon R and Crafty Carbon RR models. Special mention should be made for the new Acros ICR (Integrated Cable Routing) headset – developed together for the new Crafty Carbon. This new system allows the insertion and internal routing of all these cables mentioned from the top of the headset, keeping the aesthetics cleaner and tidier. Crafty Carbon RR SL doesn’t have dropper and rear derailleur cables as specs a RockShox Reverb AXS internal dropper post and SRAM X01 Eagle AXS drivetrain both electronic and wireless.


The new e-BIKE Optimized Zero Kinematics features 17mm diameter Collet Axle Pivots thru axles and more reliable and exclusive Enduro Max oversized bearings, capable of withstanding greater loads and ready for the most demanding ride. The new lower link has a new oversized design, larger dimensions and greater structural strength required for a high performance Enduro e-MTB Enduro.


Although it may go completely unnoticed - and that is the key for its hidden design- we have integrated the Bosch motor speed sensor inside the left rear dropout of the frame. In turn, the magnet is integrated into the brake rotor itself, being the optimum and cleanest solution possible.


Crafty Carbon features a full carbon manufactured Trunnion upper link. Its new e-BIKE Optimized kinematics enables a more supple and sensitive rear suspension performance, while the Trunnion link achieves greater lateral and torsional stiffness compared to a traditional design, releasing stress on the shock action and ensuring the best performance.


Crafty Carbon frame design features some dedicated lateral plastic covers and exclusive design lower protector that are perfectly integrated into the advanced and cutting-edge design of our new e-MTB benchmark.

BOOST HUB SPACING 148X12 mm AND 110X15 mm

Crafty Carbon features 148x12 mm rear and 110x15 mm front Boost hub spacing following the most popular e-MTB market standards


Good detail that could not be missing in the most complete Crafty Carbon equipment is the exclusive protector made of a special soft rubber compound that protects the chainstay and efficiently filters all vibrations and noise caused by chain slap on the right side of the swingarm.


Crafty Carbon features a constant profile 1.5” oversized steerer. The rear brake is post-mount with a caliper adaptor for a 200 or 203 mm diameter rear rotor.

Mondraker Crafty Carbon RR SL 2020

RRP - £10,799

  • Crafty Stealth Air Full Carbon
  • Fox 36 29 Float FIT4 EVOL Factory Kashima, 160 mm, e-bike tuned
  • Fox Float DPS Factory Kashima, 205x65 mm
  • SRAM X01 Eagle AXS, 12s
  • Bosch Performance Line CX system Gen4, 625 Wh PowerTube battery, Kiox computer
  • 19.3kg w/Bosch Powertube 500wh Battery
  • 19.9kg w/Bosch Powertube 625wh Battery
See the full bike here

Mondraker Crafty Carbon RR 2020

RRP - £8,999

  • Crafty Stealth Air Full Carbon
  • Fox 36 29 Float FIT4 EVOL Factory Kashima, 160 mm, e-bike tuned
  • Fox Float DPS Factory Kashima, 205x65 mm
  • Shimano XT M8100, 12s
  • Bosch Performance Line CX system Gen4, 625 Wh PowerTube battery, Kiox computer
  • 21.3kg w/Bosch Powertube 625wh Battery
See the full bike here

Mondraker Crafty Carbon R 2020

RRP - £7,199

  • Crafty Stealth Air Full Carbon
  • Fox 36 29 Float FIT GRIP EVOL Performance,160 mm, e-bike tuned
  • Fox Float DPS Performance, 205x65 mm
  • SRAM GX Eagle, 12s
  • Bosch Performance Line CX system Gen4, 625 Wh PowerTube battery, Kiox computer
  • 21.8kg w/Bosch Powertube 625wh Battery
See the full bike here
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