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Lapierre Bikes Size Guide

Need to know what frame size you need for your next Lapierre bike? Check out the sizing chart below:


Lapierre Bikes Size Guide, Lapierre Bikes Sizing Chart



Lapierre E-Bikes Size Guide:

Lapierre Bikes Size Guide, Lapierre Bikes Sizing Chart


While you can view the full range of Lapierre Bikes you can also view a more selective range within the Lapierre portfolio to find a bike that is right for you; 

lapierre-full-suspension-range.jpg   lapierre-hardtails-range.jpg   lapierre-electric-bikes-range.jpg   lapierre-road-bikes-range.jpg     lapierre-cyclo-cross-range.jpg

 These charts use measurements suggested by Lapierre Bikes:

  • Lapierre DH Sizing Guide Chart
  • Lapierre Spicy Sizing Guide Chart
  • Lapierre Zesty Sizing Guide Chart
  • Lapierre X-Control Sizing Guide Chart
  • Lapierre XR Sizing Guide Chart
  • Lapierre Pro-Race Sizing Guide Chart
  • Lapierre Edge Sizing Guide Chart
  • Lapierre Edge Womens Sizing Guide Chart
  • Lapierre Pro-Race Womens Sizing Guide Chart
  • Lapierre Overvolt AM Carbon Sizing Guide Chart
  • Lapierre Overvolt AMi Sizing Guide Chart
  • Lapierre Overvolt XC Sizing Guide Chart
  • Lapierre Overvolt HT Sizing Guide Chart
  • Lapierre Overvolt XC Womens Sizing Guide Chart


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