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Frog Bikes Size Guide

Need to know what frame size you need for your next Frog Bike? Check out the sizing chart below:


Frog Bikes Size Guide, Frog Bikes Sizing Chart 2018

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This guide uses measurements suggested by Frog Bikes:

  • Frog Mini Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog Tadpole Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog Tadpole Plus Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog 43 Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog 48 Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog 52s Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog 52 Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog 55 Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog 62 Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog 69 Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog 73 Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog 78 Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog Road/Track 58 Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog Road/Track 67 Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog Road/Track 70 Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog MTB 62 Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog MTB 69 Sizing Guide Chart
  • Frog MTB 72 Sizing Guide Chart


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