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2018 Orange Alpine 6 Factory E-Bike - Electric Full Suspension MTB 27.5


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E-bike development is nothing short of revolutionary. It's been coming for a while, everyone's talked about it, but now that revolution is here, and here to stay; e-power is now an option. Orange have been closely watching e-bike components maturing since the very first prototypes. Their first thought was, if they are going to build one then it would it would what they would call a proper bike not a 'concept' piece for the show halls but a working, usuable mountain bike for the terrain we ride.

They looked at the options available, and soon realised the Shimano E-8000 pedal assist drive unit has a lot going for it. So working with Shimano, They have based the designs around that. Orange want a bike with a decent amount of suspension travel, that's versatile and proven, Orange started with the proven Alpine 6 for our geomentry. We know the bike rides really well, so we have some data points we trust.

The resulting bikes have been a revelations, culminating in the full working model that we have here. Every test rider has come back raving about their experience on the bike and how it will bring a major new way of thinking to the sport.

Some said it would never happen, others cried 'heresy', but Orange are open minded souls. E-Bikes? Fuss or Fluster? Let's see.

In a few short weeks they were riding the first prototypes, and do you know what? They like this powerful new experience... a lot.

TECHNICAL SPECS (full spec to be announced)

Here are the initial tehcnical specifications of the Shimano E8000 drive unit.


All three support modes will assist until 16mph.

  • ECO - Riding support while enabling maximum range
  • TRAIL - Gradual support for encouraging sportive riding
  • BOOST - Full support for maximum boost and uncompromised climbing
  • WALK ASSIST - As additional mode, walk assist can be easily enabled with the assist switch


  • Short chainstays (shorter chainstay length ensuring better manoeuvrability)
  • Narrow Q-factor of 177mm (compact and lightweight design for better handling with same Q-factor as current Shimano XT)


  • Maximum power: 500 W
  • Nominal power: 250 W
  • Maximum torque: 70 Nm


  • Under 3 kg


  • Integrated version (504Wh)
  • Charging: 80% after 2,5 hrs / 5 hrs from 0 to 100%
  • Battery life: 1,000 cycles



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